Thursday, September 23, 2010

Licking Affectionately

I am a very affectionate dog. I lick to show my affection.

I love King so I usually lick him whenever he sleeps. Here I am licking King's face:

Sometimes, King gets bothered and awakened when I lick his face. But he doesn't mind, he loves me too.

Sometimes, I also lick King's belly and sometimes, his private parts too. He does the same to me.

Ok some human may find this blatant public show of affection disgusting. But we are dogs and we are not constrained by norms and mores as humans are.

(P.S. I don't lick Hector. He's a sweet dog but he plays rough and most of the times this is too much).

(P.P.S I turned 5 months yesterday. King will turn 5 months tomorrow).
KYLIE, the beautiful

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Since I chew a lot, E has bought several toys for me to chew on.

Here are some of the toys that he bought for us:

Here I am playing with a ball made of weaved plastic. There is a bell inside so it jingles whenever I bite or carry it (Kylie is too tired to play):

Here is Kylie with a string of hotdogs or sausages.

King would rather sleep than play with these toys.

And since this is my post, here are a few more of my pictures:

This is the squeaky tire. It squeaks whenever I bite it:

Here is the red and green ball. Should I further destroy it? (I eventually did!)

Playing is tiring! Need some nap time:

HECTOR, the active one.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Climbing Up the Stairs

In E's apartment, the comfort room (for humans at least) is on the upper floor. Whenever E goes up to pee or poo, I don't want to be left behind on the lower floor.

At times, I try to climb the circular stairs but I cannot get down. E always has to carry me down.

Here are my pictures when E decided to photograph me climbing up the stairs (or rather getting stuck in the stairs).

Seems too high for me to jump down.

How do I get down from here?

Please let me down, E!

Stop taking photos and let me down, please, please.

HECTOR, the active one.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hector Krsysztof here. As I said, I'm a labrador retriever.

I don't know yet what this "retriever" is supposed to mean. E hasn't taught me yet.

I do feel, however, that I need to do something with my mouth... so I chew - a lot!

Here I am chewing the container where E used to put my drinking water.

A momentary pause in chewing to look in the camera.

I also chewed the edge of E's TV rack (I was making sure E doesn't bump into these edges but E didn't seem to appreciate this gesture). I also chewed and scratched part of the wallpaper in E's rom (a job started by King and Kylie but I brought it to a new level, I can almost peel one whole portion of the wallpaper).

HECTOR KRZYSZTOF, the playful one.

Bath Time

Last Friday was a holiday (something about the end of feasting for Muslims) so E did not go to work. He bathed us.

Here I am after brushing, bathing, towelling, blow-drying and brushing - looking beautiful and adorable.

Here is King after his bath (E usually bathes me first). He is soo lazy that whenever E brushes him, he always flops down and E can't get him to stand still. He also doesn't like being photographed.

Hector did not get a bath that day (he was bathed the following day).

Hello, I'm Hector Krzysztof


This is my first post here. I am a labrador retriever. I grew up in Rizal from a breeder who breeds large dogs (labs, german shepherd dog and pitbulls).

I was given to E by his friend.

At first E thought that I am not a pure-bred labrador due to the shape of my head and my tail. However, on searching the internet, he found out that I come from the American (field) type of labradors.

On meeting E, I was sooo excited that I immediately wagged my tail and tried to lick and sniff him. E also has two other dogs (Kylie and King) which I learned are a month older than I am but they're so small they can fit under me when I'm standing up.

I like playing, a lot. I was not used to playing with such small dogs that I have to tone down my play for King and Kylie. I even let Kylie be on top of me when we're playing.

But most of the times, I like to be on top.

Kylie likes playing with me. Though sometimes, he avoids playing with me because I'm too big and too strong for her. Which makes me sad so I bark and bark until she plays with me.

King, on the other hand, is a little bit shy and generally doesn't want to play. But lately, I think King is coming around to playing with me.


Trying to Escape

Eversince Hector arrived, E has been feeding us awayfrom Hector (he either feeds us inside our playpen or our crate or he ties Hector). He always seem hungry but he doesn't seem to bulk up much - I guess all he eats gets pooped out (which is a lot!).

Sometimes, E feeds us (King and I) in our crate.

Here I am trying to escape from the crate after I'm done eating.

KYLIE, the beautiful